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Reaching Out

by Nectar of Life Counseling & Equine Healing Center on 07/09/12

One of my most favorite moments of the day is checking email. As odd as it sounds, it has taken the place of the joys of checking the mailbox… Not surprisingly, most people don’t email bills! So, all the fun of the email box is retained. While there are certainly plenty of advertisements, there are often little messages. Gems from the outside world that allow me to feel connected whether it be at 4am or 4pm.

I think that feeling of connection is powerfully important. I tend toward being an introvert but am no less a lover of good friends and wonderful conversation. In fact, my introverted ways offer me a delightful challenge in the need to go outside of my comfort zone to reach out to others. It is a daily practice and one that I think we would all benefit from… Just a moment of conversation, a smile, or a kind word to another person (whether friend, family, or acquaintance). Whether it is written, spoken, or otherwise, reaching out can be an incredible way to nourish the soul… All these moments of nourishment just might string together into a beautiful day…

By: Kristin Schwartz, MFT, BRP

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